CORN ON MACABRE "Discographic Violence" LP

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Originally recorded in 2001 by Brian McTernan, CORN ON MACABRE existed between 2001-2003 and featured Andy Gale (SHOUTBUS), Billups Allen (DARKEST HOUR, SHOUTBUS), Brent Eyestone (HIGHNESS, BLEACH EVERYTHING), and Cory Stevenson (PG.99, ENEMY SOIL).

Songs 1-6 originally comprised the Chapter One 7″ (Magic Bullet, 2002). Songs 7-12 originally comprised the Chapter Two 7″ (Magic Bullet, 2002). Song 13 originally appeared on the Two Legs Bad, 38 Legs Good compilation 7″ (Magic Bullet, 2004).

New cover artwork by Daniel Danger.

Track List:
1.) Trojan Clown
2.) When Will Man Learn?
3.) I Watched ‘Friday the 13th’ At My Grandmother’s House and She Wasn’t Into It (But She Let Me Watch Anyway)
4.) Shut Up and Play Something Evil
5.) Bad Lieutenant
6.) Pterodactyl Shutdown
7.) Who Want to Be an Alien?
8.) You’re Okay, I’m Undead
9.) Boris Karloff is Dead
10.) Madballs
11.) Specially Made Sunglasses
12.) Kentucky Friend Genetically-Altered Bird-Type Animal
13.) Deleted Scene