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Field Studies
 is a very special split release from long-time friends THIS WILL DESTROY YOU and LYMBYC SYSTYM. Hatched during the late night drives of their winter 2007 tour together, the concept was simple and pure: document an exciting time in both bands’ lives – both as people/friends and as musical entities.

Over the July 4 holiday of 2008, members of THIS WILL DESTROY YOULYMBYC SYSTYM, and Brent Eyestone (then of Magic Bullet Records) all converged upon Elmwood Studios in Dallas, TX, the homebase of acclaimed producer John Congleton (BLACK MOUNTAIN, MODEST MOUSE, EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY). THIS WILL DESTROY YOU kicked off the fireworks by tracking 2 brand new songs: the bombastic and menacing “Brutalism and the Worship of the Machine” (clocking in at a whopping 11:09) and the heart-warmingly hypnotic “Freedom Blade.” From there, LYMBYC SYSTYM unveiled three astonishing studies in melody in musicality (“Processed Spirits,” “Notations,” and “Narita”), much to the jaw-dropping amazement of all present. It didn’t take long for it to be become apparent: something special was happening within the walls of Elmwood.

The time came for Congleton to work his mixing magic in solitude, locking himself away and not emerging until the task was complete. After two grueling days of immersion, both bands were presented with his results, truly blown away in hearing John’s treatment of their original creations. All involved walked away with a tremendous sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. And as the mixes were handed over to Alan Douches at West West Side for the final mastering touches, members of both bands collaborated on the artwork concepts and execution, putting a final brush stroke on the collective effort and overwhelming support that both bands showed each other and fed off of throughout the process.

Track List:

01. Brutalism and the Worship of the Machine (THIS WILL DESTROY YOU)
02. Freedom Blade (THIS WILL DESTROY YOU)
03. Processed Spirits (LYMBYC SYSTYM)
04. Notations (LYMBYC SYSTYM)
05. Narita (LYMBYC SYSTYM)